CRB Program

CRB Program

May 6, 2016

The Certified Rental Building Program is North America’s first and only quality assurance certification program for multi-residential apartment buildings. The goal of the program is to promote professionalism in the rental housing industry while providing tenants with a quality assurance alternative when selecting  their rental apartment home.

In working with FRPO (Fair Rental-housing Policy Organization) from the initial development of the CRB Program we were honoured to be part of what happens to be a real-life changing program. Through marketing this program we promote “Rent With Confidence” when selecting your new apartment home. Most recently launched “Move With Confidence“, and “Living GREEN Together“. The program truly is molding the industry with the support of the property management companies, their staff and residents together.


We created this advertising animation for On The Go transit in the city of Toronto promoting the program to potential residents in one of our largest markets.


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Cretified Rental Building Program
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