It is no doubt that the possibilities are endless and we don’t often know what forms of marketing to invest in to give us the biggest bang for our buck. Working with a marketing agency can help you define your goals and create a strategy that works for you AND your budget. Here are our top 9 essential marketing tips that might help ease you into trying something different that you might have been considering. Be confident and bring out your creative wild side but always have a plan!

  1. Social Media – Boost your posts! Reach a wider targeted audience with the “boost” button at the bottom of a post. Be strategic. For a minimal ad spend you can get your message out to thousands of unique users.
  2. Social Media – Re-post and engage. Engage in some “real” conversation with your audience, followers and customers. Respond to message, share your knowledge and followers will start interacting with you.
  3. Advertising – Explore pay-per-click advertising. Consider the opportunities with Google and other online media outlets.
  4. Keywords – Target 1 ad per keyword. Creating a specific ad groups that target single keywords will help you determine what works best. Then run with it, watch the data and go with he flow. Results come with time and testing. Often clients get scared off much too soon. Work with a marketer you trust and consider your immediate and future goals and budget.
  5. PR – Bring REAL value, but don’t brag. Focus on providing value added information that will help others succeed. Putting your readers first will create better engagement.
  6. Elevator Pitch – Be able to explain your business and services in one sentence. It should be energetic, informative and to the point. Keep it simple. No exceptions.
  7. Email Marketing – Get to the subject of the matter! Keep your subject line concise, maybe even one word. But choose that word carefully. It should create curiosity, while keeping it relevant to the rest of your message. Test and watch your open and click ratios improve.
  8. Outdoor Advertising – Think outside the social media box. Outdoor Advertising is still relevant and effective. Get your creative working for you in large scale with a measurable audience. People spend as much time on the road as they do on social platforms.
  9. Video – Embrace it! The way we give and receive information is changing. Work with your creative agency on creating highly effective video content backed by a well thought out marketing strategy. It is absolutely attainable!

Bonus Tip: #hashtags – Don’t forget to tag every social post with creative hash tags. Hash tags will inject your post on popular lists and expand your post reach. Create unique tags but keep them fun and relevant to your content. Don’t over do it! It may seem like a good idea to include as many tags as you can possibly think of on any one post but you really should include tags and how they work with your marketing strategy.

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